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Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Products

Atlas Pharma Inc. offers a range of chemical analysis and physico-chemical testing to ensure the compliance and safety of your cosmetic products:

  • hygiene products
  • care products
  • hair products
  • make-up products
  • perfumes
  • products or sunscreens: cream, oil or lotions

Physico-chemical analysis

  • Organoleptic properties
  • Measurement of pH
  • Measurement of relative density
  • Measurement of viscosity
  • Measurement of the dry extract
  • Measurement of melting point
  • Measurement of the dropping point
  • Determination of physico-chemical characteristics according to USP or EP Pharmacopoeia
  • Peroxide value, acid value, iodine value, saponification value, etc.

Chemical analysis

  • Determination of preservatives
  • Determination of parabens traces
  • Analysis of organic or inorganic sunscreens
  • Determination of active ingredients
  • Analysis and dosage of heavy metals
  • Analysis of pesticides
  • Analysis of 1,4-dioxane
  • Analysis and determination of hydroquinone
  • Analysis of residual solvents
  • Analysis of residual monomers
  • Analysis of chemical traces and impurities

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